About us

Innovation and development in business IT services since 2.000

R2 Sistemas is a Spanish company dedicated to software engineering and IT services for business of all sizes. All the software that R2 Sistemas offers is used in the cloud, as a service, for a monthly fee. Our headquarters are located in Alcobendas. Madrid.

Jorge Ramírez and Ignacio Ruiz met studying Computer Science in the Polytechnic University of Madrid in 1993. In 1998, they began developing custom management software professionally. In 2000, they founded R2 Sistemas Informáticos, the company they manage to date.

We started developing in Borland C ++ and GWBASIC over MS-DOS. We saw Windows NT reach the servers. We installed inter-site networks on ISDN technology to run our client-server programs before DSL, fiber and mobile phones existed. We combat the Y2K effect and adapt our programs to the arrival of the Euro. Our first client to use our software over the Internet dates back to 2002. Then there was no word SaaS, and cloud meant only droplets of water suspended in the atmosphere.

Today thousands of people sit every day in front of management software developed by R2 Sistemas in Spain, Europe and America.

“Always think like the user”

In R2 Sistemas we are users of our own software. We want to be as users as you are. If it helps us, it helps you. We aim to forever be in our users shoes.

“Pay only for what you use”

None of the services of R2 Sistemas has a minimum permanence. All our software is invoiced month by month. If our clients continue with us it is only because our software works.

“Less is more”

In a letter to a colleague, the French mathematician Blaise Pascal wrote “Dear friend, If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter”. We would certainly have loved him in our team.

Our team

Jorge Ramírez
Ignacio Ruiz
Managing Partner
Jesús Sigüenza
Technical Director
Jose Finoquio
IT Support Director
Conchi Liébana
Customer Support & QA
James Storey
Account Manager & QA
Rubén Bernabé
IT Presales Manager
Ana Mansilla
Office Manager
Julio Ruiz
Server Side Architect
José Antonio Royo
Project Manager
Raúl Juanas
Web Architect
Daniel Feito
Lead Mobile Developer
José Fayos
Support Level 2
Miguel Ángel Olivares
Support Level 2
Pedro Arce
Daniel Pérez
Ramón Díaz
Borislav Chiplakov
Héctor Ortiz
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